The New England Classic
“Going off of that” Plagues Discussion-Based Courses
Heated academic discussions are found in classrooms throughout Boston College at any time of the day, but seemingly more so in history courses than anywhere else. The logic behind this basically assumes that nothing is more debatable in modern academics than historical facts.  With levels of confidence among students... Read more
Off-Campus Junior Without Meal Plan Attends Mass 3 Times a Day for Eucharist
Except for the majority of your friends that have their parents pay for fucking everything, Boston College students are no strangers to the burden of collegiate expenses. Nonetheless, living on the brink of starvation was not something Junior Mike Cassidy (MCAS ’17) had anticipated upon returning to Chestnut Hill this semester. Living among a shanty... Read more
The 5 Types of People You Always Meet on the Newton Bus
Surprise! You’re a freshman on Newton! While the bus ride may be inconvenient, Newtonites love the freshmen-only dining in Stuart and the sense of community unknown to the bastards on Upper – according to your OL, at least. You’ll definitely appreciate it some day, right!?!? RIGHT!?! In the meantime,... Read more
Overeager Pre-Med Student Uses Ambulance Transport as Valuable Healthcare Networking Opportunity
Pre-Med Freshman Calvin O’Malley, both working hard and partying harder, enhanced his resume this weekend with a stimulating research opportunity in the back of a Fallon Ambulance located outside the Keyes North Basement. As he was covered with the white thermal sheet, visions of the white coat which will... Read more
Finance Intern Literally Chained to Desk
Chad McBride (CSOM ’17), a summer intern at Goldman Sachs, has reportedly been literally chained to his desk at work. While it is not uncommon for finance interns to work insanely long and hard (hehe) hours six days a week, McBride’s being chained to a desk seems to be... Read more
The Definitive Guide to BC Freshmen Housing
Here at Boston College, freshmen housing random assigned by computers can have serious implications on your social life! Let us breakdown what your housing placement means: Upper Congratulations! If you are part of the 60% of the freshmen class that was selected to live on Boston College’s actual campus... Read more
Camp Counselors Swear They’re Gaining Relevant Resumé Experience
Sources close to several Boston College students working as camp counselors over the summer confirmed that these Eagle camp counselors all firmly believed that they were gaining “relevant” and “meaningful” experiences and skills in their summer work that would “directly translate to their jobs in the real world.” These... Read more
BC to Auction off Amy Poehler’s Rejected Alumni Event RSVPs
In an effort to fundraise for next year’s fresh grass, the Fr. Bill Feahy, SJ, invisible president of the university, has announced that Boston College will be auctioning off Amy Poehler’s (MCAS ‘93) rejected RSVPs to alumni fundraising events. In recent years the school has reached out to Poehler... Read more
Student Spontaneously Combusts After Playing Music Without Headphones in Library
Earlier this afternoon, Ann Fire (A&S ‘16) spontaneously combusted into a ball of flame and debris after she started to stream Hilary Duff’s “Coming Clean” on the fifth floor of O’Neill library without inserting her headphones first. Hoping to save the day, the Boston Fire Department rushed to the... Read more
Lynch Sophomore Hoping for 4 Gold Stars on Final; Would Settle for 3
With an important final exam season quickly approaching, Kelly O’Connor (LSOE ‘17) is buckling down for the last stretch of her studies. O’Connor emphasized that her entire semester grades were riding on her Family, School, & Society final exam: If she averages 4 gold stars on her final, then... Read more