The New England Classic
Not Again! Scalper Sells Bean Counter Tickets To Unsuspecting Students

Initial reports indicate that an entrepreneurial scalper sold vouchers to Fulton Hall’s Bean Counter disguised as passes to the much-anticipated ice hockey tournament.

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What The Heck? Fine, I Guess I’ll Take This Other Ticket While I’m Already At The Women’s Basketball Game

When senior Max Huckaby (CSOM ’23) walked into Conte Forum on Thursday night, he expected to watch a BC Women’s basketball game just like he always does. What he did not expect, however, was to be offered a ticket to the Men’s basketball game against Syracuse this Saturday.

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Light Coming From Alumni Stadium At Night Actually Just Football Players Playing Flashlight Tag

However, Dropper quickly noticed that some players were holding flashlights and realized that something completely different was going on. They were giggling and chasing each other around in a rollicking game of flashlight tag. Dropper told the Classic, “I knew some of the players frequently used flashlights, but I didn’t think they were ever to be seen or sanitary enough to be touched by other people.”

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BC Football Gets Routed By Clemson, Blames Goblin Halftime Show
ALUMNI STADIUM — On Saturday night, Boston College’s Eagles took the field against the Clemson Tigers hoping to upset the 5th-ranked team in the nation. While the first half of the game featured strong defensive efforts from both sides, the Eagles seemed to give up once the third quarter... Read more
Squash Team Eagerly Awaits Selection At Fall Harvest

For the past ten years, BC squashes have consistently been rated #1 in plumpness, #3 in unwarranted big ego, and #867 in general wanker-ness by the New England Parental Organization of Talented International Squash Mothers (N.E.P.O.T.I.S.M.).

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Phil Jurkovec Spotted At Business Career Fair

After witnessing several muffed handoffs and fumbles of his resume, the Classic was able to obtain a copy. The resume included several of Jurkovec’s biggest accomplishments including his former attendance of Notre Dame, graduating high school, and duping a whole fan base into believing he was the next Matt Ryan (MCAS ’08).

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Students Die Of Laughter After Classmate Wears ‘BC Dad’ Shirt At Tailgate

Ina Vator (CSON ’24), sent shockwaves through the Mod Lot during this weekend’s tailgates by premiering her most avant-garde, commentorial outfit to date. What could this outfit possibly be, you ask? Vator’s renaissance of fashion and comedy was brought about by her shirt: a maroon ‘Boston College Dad’ shirt, artfully crafted into a tube top that looks like it could fall off at any second.

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Football Team Expected To Win All Remaining Games After Hafley Announces “No More Mister Nice Guy”

In reports coming in from all across the nation, opposing coaches are literally shivering their timbers, nervously biting their nails back and forth like a typewriter, and losing all bodily fluids at the thought of having to face Hafley and the Eagles. Sports analysts are now scrambling to re-rank all teams nationwide, and many projections now have BC ranked as number one in the country.

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CAB Cancels Mudstock, Announces Soupcrock

The Campus Activities Board of Boston College (CAB) made a surprise announcement Monday detailing its plan to cancel Mudstock and replace it with “Soupcrock.” Mudstock, the beloved annual student volleyball tournament, was scheduled for the first week of May.

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New Conte Forum Renovation To Include Extensive Area For ‘Well There’s Always Next Year’ Trophies

The real appeal of this new complex comes in the form of a 30 million dollar, four-story, indoor-outdoor, climate controlled trophy section. This new ‘Trophy World’ area will house BC’s countless participation ribbons, “At Least We Tried” banners, “There Are No Losers In God’s Eyes” medals, and of course “Well There’s Always Next Year” Trophies.

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