The New England Classic
LTE From The Moon Club President

Everyone won’t shut up about summer and tanning and blah blah blah. Who fucking cares! Get some sun on the quad on a different day, I just want to get high in the afternoon and watch that shit cover the sun. Stay pale, I literally dare you. 

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LTE: I’m T-pain, You Know Me–T-Pain Wrote This Article

I’m T-Pain, you know me! What’s your name? Let me talk to ‘em! 

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LTE: Adieu!  I Killed The Guy Who Spoiled The Wordle For Me

I know killing thy neighbor is sinful but I don’t think God or any Bible junkie alike could ever have predicted that one’s neighbor would do something as utterly fucked up as spoiling the Wordle. 

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LTE: I Love BC But Only Because Of Pink Tree And Tulip

The only thing making me love this school is motherfucking landscape services man. How could you NOT love a school that has pink tree and tulip??????

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LTE: I Paid For This Mulch So I Am Taking Some Just For Me

When the mounds of mulch arrive on campus, I know it from a mile away. And I take some. In my hand, to my house. Just for me.

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LTE: The Rat Can Still Be A Bar If You Day Drink There
I’ve heard about the glory days of 1978, when The Rat was the most bodacious, tubular joint in town to shake your thing and meet some bitchin’ lads and ladies. Legend says the drinking age was 18, that light beer flowed as though a gift from the gods, and... Read more