The New England Classic
QUIZ: Is She Into You, Or Just Trying To Get 500+ LinkedIn Connections?
Love appears in the most unexpected places, but how can you know when its really real? That cute girl from your finance class just connected with you on LinkedIn, and you think it could be L-O-V-E. But you have to know for sure. Take this quiz to definitively find... Read more
BC Alternative Senior Fives
Tradition is everything here at Boston College. From our beloved Jesuit values to our fan-favorite football chants (Hoo-Hah!), blindly doing things just because someone has done it before is both fun and easy. Of all these traditions, one of the most popular happens to be the annual “Senior Five”... Read more
End-Of-Internship LinkedIn Post MadLibs
As the relaxing days of your 9-5 summer internship come to a close, it’s time to start getting ready for your return to the Heights. But before you pack up the car and buy your textbooks, you have to update your carefully curated LinkedIn network of classmates, high school... Read more