The New England Classic

Records Reveal Boston College Has Paid $0 In Income Tax For 150 Years Hot

Big Issues Sep 29, 2020

LINDEN LANE — Owing to an anonymous source, The Classic has obtained Boston College’s tax records dating back to the early 1870s, giving the clearest picture of the University’s finances to date and revealing centuries of chronic tax evasion... Read more

Cardboard Cutouts File Out Of Alumni At Halftime Hot

Coronavirus Sep 28, 2020

“If I can contribute to the team by giving them the familiar sense of... Read more

OPINION: I’m A Water Fountain. Why Don’t You Want To Touch Me Anymore? Hot

Campus Culture Sep 24, 2020

You’ve passed me hundreds of times, and you’ve touched me more than I can... Read more

BC Defends Testing Inaccuracies: “We Were Grading On A Curve” Hot

Campus Culture Sep 23, 2020

SAINT MARY’S HALL — In response to recent charges of negligence and misreporting, Boston... Read more

7% Tuition Increase Used to Give CSOM Students Special Snacks

Student Life Sep 22, 2020

“With enough preparation, they should be able eat like grown-ups by the time... Read more