The New England Classic

Jeff Hafley Changes BC Football Slogan To “Everyone’s A Winner”

Big Issues Nov 29, 2021

The players seem to have a positive outlook on next year’s season. According to a survey distributed by The Classic, the team describes the upcoming rebrand as “cool, I guess,” “what does rebrand mean,” and “as long as i... Read more

Professor Hosts Office Hours In Home On November 25th

Featured Nov 24, 2021

CHESTNUT HILL ​​— Late last night, all freshmen enrolled in the famous first-year seminar... Read more

“We’re Totally Grabbing Lunch Over Break,” Say High School Friends Who Will Definitely Not Be Grabbing Lunch Over Break

Holidays Nov 23, 2021

NEEDHAM, MA  — As BC students flock home for Thanksgiving, the impending doom of being... Read more

Athlete Scoots Home For The Holidays Due To Surge In Flight Prices

Holidays Nov 22, 2021

However, after a stroke of inspiration while scooting to his finance class, Speedster has... Read more

Dennis Grosel’s Dad Complains To Jeff Hafley About Son’s Playing Time

Campus Culture Nov 19, 2021

When questioned, Dennis Senior was open to speaking on the topic, “Yeah I spoke... Read more