The New England Classic

“Let’s Get Dinner!” Says Mutual Who’s Low on Meal Plan Money and Wants to Rob You

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2023

According to Tumm, events worsened as they entered the dining hall. He recounted Buhr’s stacked plate of double chicken paired with two sides of fries, as well as a hefty amount of Core Powers. Buhr claimed it’s “bulking season.”... Read more

“We’re Just Like Taylor And Travis” Says Acapella Lead And Her Club Golf Boyfriend

Campus Culture Nov 16, 2023

“'Karma is the guy on the Green, golfing straight home to me.'”  Read more

BREAKING: Part Two of THE PATH Revealed

Big Issues Nov 10, 2023

Sure, you might have seen the first page of #THEPATH, which includes things like... Read more

“I’m a Microcelebrity,” Says Girl Who Broods In Her Room 25/8

Dorm Stuff Nov 9, 2023

“'I’m a microcelebrity, so I have to protect my peace around here!' exclaimed the... Read more

Psych Major Cheats on Girlfriend; Explains He “Required Novel Stimuli”

Sex Nov 9, 2023

Using his Walsh dorm as the testing grounds, Pist conducted a classic A/B test... Read more