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Mom Can’t Believe You Got Kicked From Housing Group, Thought They Were All Very Nice Boys Hot

Coronavirus Mar 30, 2020

Kelly went on to describe the situation as “fucked,” a comment which Mrs. Kelly disapproved of as she “did not raise to use that language.” Read more

LTE: Uh, Why Is Molly In My Zoom Class? Hot

Coronavirus Mar 27, 2020

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LTE: I Am The Tiny Door Into Eagles, And There Is No Escape

Campus Culture Mar 11, 2020

I should have been an emergency fire exit in Higgins, or a reflection room... Read more

Campus Ministry Begins Individually Plastic-Wrapping Communion Wafers Hot

Coronavirus Mar 10, 2020

McELROY COMMONS — The Office of Campus Ministry announced Tuesday morning that effective immediately... Read more

Fuck Yeah: Kid In Your APPA Group Brought Her Dab Pen

Service Mar 9, 2020

PARKERSBERG, WEST VIRGINIA — Students in APPA group #42 have taken a break from... Read more