The New England Classic

Underground Cockfighting Ring Now Accepts Eagle Bucks

Student Life Mar 20, 2019

CARNEY BASEMENT — A clandestine chicken-fighting operation in Carney 003 has become the latest Newton business to accept Eagle Bucks, allowing students to easily bet vending machine money on the vicious bloodsport.    Designating BC currency as legal tender... Read more

Sadistic Fuck Working Out Without Headphones Hot

Student Life Mar 20, 2019

WILLIAM J. FLYNN RECREATION COMPLEX — On Wednesday, Warren Fuggit (CSOM ‘20) was seen... Read more

Embarrassed Psych Major Didn’t Do Palm Reading For Today

School Mar 19, 2019

"Franklin declined to give The Classic any comment. Efforts to reach out to her... Read more

How To Tell Your Ninth Friend, “It’s Not You, It’s All Eight Of Us” Hot

Dorm Stuff Mar 18, 2019

It’s that time of year again: housing season! The time of year when the... Read more

Best Birthday Present Ever? Agora Is Making You Change Your Password!

WTF Mar 13, 2019

Holy shit, it’s your birthday! You’re another year older, and BC knows the most... Read more