The New England Classic

New CAB Event: Hunt Your Own Dinner

Student Life Apr 29, 2021

"I’ve always been, like, super into killing small animals, and it just feels so good to share my passions with the rest of the student body. The BC community is just so supportive, and I am so, so grateful... Read more

LTE: I Love BC But Only Because Of Pink Tree And Tulip

LTE Apr 28, 2021

The only thing making me love this school is motherfucking landscape services man. How... Read more

Neiiighhh! (Written by a Horse)

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021

The following article was translated with assistance from the Boston College Libraries. Hell yeah,... Read more

Wowza: Roommate Used To Have An Astounding Amount Of Pubic Hair

Student Life Apr 26, 2021

“I was about to hop in the shower when I saw the abomination,” recalled... Read more

University Announces You Can Bring Two Hand Puppets To Graduation

Coronavirus Apr 23, 2021

Students whose parents are divorced are still encouraged to bring two puppets, on the... Read more