The New England Classic

Alarming: Hundreds of Students Would Rather Be In New Jersey Hot

Holidays Nov 30, 2020

"At press time, hundreds of New Jerseryan students were queued up at the Newton Center Shell station, waiting for someone else to pump their gas." Read more

BC Dining Unveils Thanksgiving Menu — “It’s Just Rice.” Hot

Campus Culture Nov 27, 2020

Much like this year’s forbidden Thanksgiving gatherings nationwide, dinner on The Heights will be... Read more

Five Things to Convert Your Friend’s Room Into After They Leave for Break

Campus Culture Nov 16, 2020

The number one request of all Boston College students from 2005-2019 has been more... Read more

Red Bandana Game Canceled Amid Covid Concerns; BC Schedules Two 9/11s For 2021

Campus Culture Nov 14, 2020

"To create a more equitable situation, as well as make up for lost revenue,... Read more

Developing: UIS Set to Dictate Whether Students Go to Heaven or Hell

School Nov 13, 2020

Next semester, students will have the opportunity to register for a class that will... Read more