The New England Classic
“Achoo!” Reports Entire Student Body
CHESTNUT HILL — The first fall of crumpled tissues blankets the campus. Droplets of influenza and ragweed are a-floatin’ through the crisp winter air. It’s sneezy season here on the Heights and the noses be drippin’! “Sorry, I’ve had, like, a really bad cough lately,” your red-eyed, inexplicably leaking roommate... Read more
OPINION: There Will Be No Technology Allowed In My Classroom, Except For These Bop-Its
Hello, class. Welcome to your first day of Postcolonial Gender Dynamics In Western Society! As all of you are upperclassmen, I won’t waste time by going over every last sentence on the syllabus—I expect you to have done that on your own time. However, there are a couple of... Read more
Overinvolved Sophomore Finally Busy Enough To Forget Crippling Loneliness

“Now I’m only sad right before I go to bed, and that’s only if I’m not too exhausted to fall asleep before I have time to reflect on how unhappy I am!”

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The Definitive Guide to BC Freshmen Housing
Here at Boston College, freshmen housing random assigned by computers can have serious implications on your social life! Let us breakdown what your housing placement means: Upper Congratulations! If you are part of the 60% of the freshmen class that was selected to live on Boston College’s actual campus... Read more