The New England Classic


Writing articles is what we’re best at, but apparently nobody reads anymore?! That’s okay though, since we dabble in video content from time to time. Check out these playlists or head over to our YouTube channel.



We’ve been known to create “original” “comedy” “videos” from time to time. There’s something in this playlist for everyone!


Started in 2018, NECTalks is BC’s premier forum for campus t̶h̶o̶t̶  thought leaders to speak their minds in 69 minutes or less.

      Print Promos

We make a goofy promo video each semester to hype up the release of our big, shiny print issue.

        The Wrap

Ever seen SNL’s Weekend Update? Imagine that, but it’s made by us and called The Wrap. Cool? Cool.

        Life at BC

Student life sure can be CRAZY! Only BC kids will understand these short, #relatable clips.

        Leahy Sings

Father Leahy, SJ: pretty old, possibly racist, and definitely did  a capella in college.