The New England Classic
Newton Woods Treehouse and 9 Other Creative Housing Options Suggested By ResLife

Rather than fix the broken housing process or invest in any quality housing options, Reslife has instead supplied the Classic with a list of suggested alternatives to traditional housing.

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10 Surefire Ways To Secure Beanpot Tickets

However, the Classic has come across an exclusive list of the tasks required for students to get their grubby little mitts on some highly-coveted tickets to the big game.

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Tour Groups are Back! 10 Projectiles to Throw at Them
DEVLIN HALL – What rhymes with azure poop and is always in your way? That’s right! A tour group! As you may have noticed, our gilded walkways have become infested with masses of prospective Boston College Eagles. It’s about time we take back our walkways, the walkways that were... Read more
10 Lies To Tell Your SAP Tour To Totally Bamboozle Them

During spring, you can catch representatives from the Student Admission Program (SAP) in their natural habitat, leading herds of wild visitors through campus. Out of the many opportunities for false promises and misleading exaggerations, here are The New England Classic’s top 10 to tell your tour group.

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Telling People Your ACT Score, And 10 More Surefire Ways To Protect Your Virginity

You got a 34 (35 superscore) and everyone else who got into the same university as you NEEDS to know it. Find a way to drop it into conversation even if it doesn’t relate to the topic at hand!

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5 Rights You Need To Know Before Appearing In Homecoming Court

Before appearing in homecoming court on Friday, be sure to remember these FIVE Constitutionally-protected legal rights. Don’t let your freedom be compromised!

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How to Entertain Yourself During Quarantine (Budget Edition)
Hey! Are you back living in your childhood bedroom? Are you a broke college student who is hurting from not being included in the COVID relief bill and rationing money to buy weed from that kid who dropped out of your high school? Are you already sick of your... Read more
Five Reasons You Should Skip Class and Watch the Construction Men, Hard At Work In Their Big Trucks
Class is only fun when movies. Usually teacher will only talk about stuff that is boring and makes me exhausted. Most of the time I am not listening because I am too busy thinking about trucks. But if there is YouTube or movie I will probably pay attention though.... Read more
The New England Classic’s Summer Vacation Travel Guide: Chicago
Chicago. The Twindy Cities. From the Sioux for “Italians need not apply,” Chi-na-town is the perfect spot for a surprise summer getaway. With at least four and a half restaurants and a record-108 years without a single Italian in public office, planning a trip to the city can seem... Read more
5 DILFs You’ll Meet During Parents’ Weekend
Parents’ Weekend is a special time of year. The football game gets everyone’s spirits up, the weather is still nice and temperate, and seeing family is always something special. But let’s not forget what it’s really all about: ass. Hot Dad Ass. Sorry Mom, can’t talk right now, I... Read more