The New England Classic
Newton Woods Treehouse and 9 Other Creative Housing Options Suggested By ResLife

Rather than fix the broken housing process or invest in any quality housing options, Reslife has instead supplied the Classic with a list of suggested alternatives to traditional housing.

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“I’m a Microcelebrity,” Says Girl Who Broods In Her Room 25/8

“’I’m a microcelebrity, so I have to protect my peace around here!’ exclaimed the ‘Queen of Roncastle,’ a self-proclaimed title.”

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“She’s Literally Bestie,” Says Girl About Rando In 9-Man With Whom She’ll Never Interact

Leanne does not currently know the name of her eighth roommate, and despite being grateful for the addition, is extremely glad that “wifey” is not her direct.

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Filling Your 8-Man With Hay, And 5 Other Autumnal Mistakes

It’s that time of year again; the leaves are changing, the wind is crisp, and pumpkin patches and apple picking are all the rage. With all the seasonal change going on, the Classic has decided to give you a guide on how to avoid key autumnal mistakes.

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Passive Aggressive Roommate Posts All Her BeReals While Cleaning

Nadia Mohm (Lynch ‘23), fed up with the five other slobs she cohabitates with, has enacted the strategy of exclusively posting pictures of her cleaning up after them around the apartment.

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Freshmen RA’s Now Offer A Goodnight Kiss To Homesick Residents

With the removal of all Covid restrictions on campus, the Residence Hall Association is delighted to announce that Resident Advisors will now offer goodnight kisses to all homesick students.

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Game Of Thrones Spin-Off “House Of Roncastle” Coming To HBO In Spring 2023

House of Roncastle is to be a 10-episode-long tale of the illustrious Roncalli Hall, a safe haven for neglected and worthless sophomores of Boston College.

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Pre-Law Student Accused Of Doctoring Roommate Agreement

“I’m just an easy target because I’m a pre-law student with more ambition than the average person. Even if I did know something, I wouldn’t tell The New England Classic. I’d go to a real paper on campus like [redacted]. Did I mention that I’m double-majoring in political science and economics with a minor in communication?”

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April Fools: You Were Never In The Eight-Man
UPPER CAMPUS – The nightmares of housing for rising sophomores finally came to a close this past week. Some ended up in eight mans, some in quads, and some unlucky ones even ended up in CoRo. However, for one student, the nightmare has only just begun. Lou Zehr (Lynch... Read more
Roommate’s New Year’s Resolution Seems To Be “Fart More”

“I think these under-thunders are a pretty passive-aggressive way of him asking for more alone time. This man is halfway to a charcuterie plate with all the cheese he’s been cutting. It’s unbelievable.”

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