The New England Classic
Cool RA Fears He’s “In Too Deep”
Now being several months into the school year, students across campus are finally settling into standard routines in their daily lives, including blowing entire meal plans on F’Reals in the span of a week and chilling with the “cool RAs.”  Ben Novak, self-proclaimed “Cool Ra,” fears that his coolness... Read more
Freshmen Use Generic Names for New Friends When Memory Fails
Citing their frustration at having to learn the different names of so many people, Boston College freshmen have resolved to call every one of their new friends either Dan or Madison, depending on gender. “It became clear to me within the first week here that learning all these names... Read more
Sandwich Bursts Into 21st Century
“It’s incredible!” yelled one student. “Holy shit! It looks so good!” praised another. “ is so fresh, yo! 10/10 would bang!” yaked a freshman. “Wassup, bitches!?” said The Sandwich, spokesman for The New England Classic. “I have arrived!” At 5:09 PM on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014, The New England... Read more