The New England Classic
University Counseling Services Offering Thanksgiving Break-Up Hotline
GASSON HALL — Acutely aware that it’s a perilous time of year for many doe-eyed freshmen still clinging onto their long-distance relationships with high school sweethearts, Boston College’s University Counseling Services is offering a 24/7 hotline open from November 25th until November 29th for any first-year student that may... Read more
Students, Clocks Become One During 48 Hours
NEWPORT, RI — Nestled among the scenic shops and mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, freshmen and senior mentors recently spent 48 Hours becoming one with the passage of time. The two-day retreat opened with the first hour, reported students. Then the next few hours passed. Students noted they initially... Read more
Notre Dame Struggling to Find Single-Sex Hotel in Boston
FENWAY — Ranked 5th in the country and boasting a 9-1 record, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are having an outstanding football season. Most sportscasters have Notre Dame crushing the Boston College Eagles in their upcoming matchup on the hallowed grounds of Fenway Park. Unfortunately, the boys from South... Read more
Professor Alludes To Weekend In Hopes That Students Will Ask What He Did
FULTON HALL  — In an effort to connect with his students, Computers in Management professor Radnor Kirkwood started out his 10:30AM class a little differently Tuesday morning. Kirkwood, reportedly starting class at 10:31 to show his “relaxed and laid-back side,” began class with a question: “How was everyone’s weekend?”... Read more
Facebook Adds New Relationship Option For College Thing Stuck Helplessly Between Dating And Hooking Up
SILICON VALLEY — At a press conference earlier this afternoon, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be “addressing the changing romantic needs of its valued collegiate users” by adding the options for college couples—sorry, didn’t mean to put a label on it—to select “College Thing Hopelessly Stuck Between Dating and... Read more
BC To Implement Safe Space for Conservative Students
REAL AMERICA — Much to the dismay campus conservatives, “PC Culture” has been plaguing colleges across the country, most recently at Yale. This sea change in campus climate has brought tense discussions on privilege, race, gender, sexual preference and identity, and socioeconomic brackets to the forefront of the national... Read more
Addazio Successful In New Start as Marching Band Director
CHESTNUT HILL, MA – Though the Eagles lost on the football field today, new marching band director Steve Addazio is reportedly quite pleased with the band’s performance. Says Addazio, “I know we came out a little flat in the first half, but eventually we were able to regroup and... Read more
Conspiracy Theorists Believe In Existence of Fr. Leahy
Chestnut Hill, MA — The United States has a long and proud history of conspiracy theories: Tupac is still alive. The government faked the 1969 Apollo moon landing. The IRS tells the truth. For Boston College Eagles, one recent conspiracy theory hits close to home: A group calling themselves W.A.F.F.L.E... Read more
“Going off of that” Plagues Discussion-Based Courses
Heated academic discussions are found in classrooms throughout Boston College at any time of the day, but seemingly more so in history courses than anywhere else. The logic behind this basically assumes that nothing is more debatable in modern academics than historical facts.  With levels of confidence among students... Read more
Off-Campus Junior Without Meal Plan Attends Mass 3 Times a Day for Eucharist
Except for the majority of your friends that have their parents pay for fucking everything, Boston College students are no strangers to the burden of collegiate expenses. Nonetheless, living on the brink of starvation was not something Junior Mike Cassidy (MCAS ’17) had anticipated upon returning to Chestnut Hill this semester. Living among a shanty... Read more