The New England Classic
Student Walks By Admissions Tour With Mature Confidence, Everybody Cheers

Members of the tour group reported that Richie Walker (MCAS ’23) caught all of their attention as he walked by them. Their tour guide kept speaking, but all of their gazes were glued to this BC Adonis and his powerful stride. Once he passed the oggly spectators, they all cheered for him, some even clad with cowbells and megaphones.

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Tinder Date Says There’ll Be Eight Inches of Snow; Probably Gonna Be More Like Five

In an effort to clear any confusion, Pump said, “Eight inches. It’s gonna snow eight inches. And who even cares exactly how many inches it snows? And honestly eight inches is too much snow anyways. If it snowed five and a half inches I think that’d be the perfect amount.”

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Underage Candidate’s Presidential Campaign In Doubt Following Fake ID Purge

“Weirdly, John kept on insisting that the birth year on his card be 1986,” said Wead Deeler (CSOM ’25), who organized the fake ID order. “He said he wanted a Pennsylvania ID because ‘they’re easy to fake, and it’s a battleground state.’”

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Student Services Apologizes For ROTC And Pulse Placement Mix-Up
LYONS HALL — The Office of Student Services was in clean-up mode on Monday after a clerical error resulted in a messy switch-a-roo. Students enrolled in the popular Pulse service program were mistakenly placed in the Army Training ROTC program. Subsequently, the cadets-in-training were placed in the local Pulse... Read more
Polyamorous Couple Celebrates With Valentine’s White Elephant

Love is in the air, and although you’re completely alone and depressed shitless this Valentine’s Day (calling your mom crying about how your Marriage Pact didn’t respond to your email), Denny Luvsalot (MCAS ’23) is left struggling to come up with unique gifts for each of his four (4) lovers. Luvsalot, the elected representative of his polyamorous relationship, decided to forgo the typical 20 boxes of chocolate and bouquets this year for a cheaper, more sustainable option: a White Elephant gift exchange.

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See-Through Schiller: Voyeurs and Exhibitionists Rejoice!
Integrated Sciences Building — Peepers, snoopers, busybodies, and nosy nellies alike were elated by the opening of the brand spanking new Schiller Institute. The majority of classrooms of Schiller, which house engineering courses, high-tech laboratories, and uncomfortable rolling desks, have at least one clear wall. As the nerds filed... Read more
“We’re Totally Grabbing Lunch Over Break,” Say High School Friends Who Will Definitely Not Be Grabbing Lunch Over Break
NEEDHAM, MA  — As BC students flock home for Thanksgiving, the impending doom of being forced to reunite with highschool acquaintances has led many to adopt tactics of negotiation and diplomacy.  Anita Brake (MCAS ‘25), excitedly posted an obligatory “Goodbye Chestnut Hill, hello Needham” boomerang on her story to commemorate... Read more
A Man For Others: This Guy Warms Every Chair Before His Class

“I see that kid in there at 8:00 AM, 7:30 even. Every week. He sits in each chair in that classroom, gets ‘em good and warm. Even talks to them sometimes. Before he moves on to the next one, he gives one tender little kiss.”

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Hafley Wants You To Give Morehead … A Chance

“The guys need Morehead. He’s a natural leader and will definitely come in handy. I think he’ll really loosen them up and get the juices flowing. There’s natural chemistry there. He may be the secret ingredient to finally arouse our boys.”

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Brad From CSOM: A Day In The Life

“I go ham on establishing my 500+ connections on LinkedIn—the primary determinant of my self-worth. It’s also my second-choice dating app, surpassed only by Christian Mingle.”

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