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Roommate’s Boyfriend Discovers Dishwasher

“‘Can I put this in here?’ he asked me, and crammed it into the cup section before I could ask him to rinse it out first. But still, baby steps! We’re so proud of the little guy” she laughed.

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“That’s Not A Buick,” Reports Student Staring At Buick

“What, the black one? With the big front grill? Tinted windows? Four-door? V6? Looks about ‘08, ‘09 maybe? Apple CarPlay™? Rear-wheel drive? Automatic heated seats? Yeah, that’s not a Buick bro, nice try” Ford exclaimed to the Buick’s owner.

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New Narcissus? This Kid Pins His Own Video
LOWER CAMPUS — Sources say a Boston College student has fallen in love with his own reflection after learning that Zoom allows users to “pin” their videos during meetings. “Who is that guy?” said Hugh Jeego (CSOM ’22) to himself in a virtual interview with The Classic. “He has... Read more
What The Fuck: Roommate Just Took The Lord’s Name In Vain

“I honestly couldn’t believe it,” said Arist. “I mean sure, I may have instigated it by calling him a fat-ass mistake of a human being, but like taking the Lord’s name in vain? That’s just too fucking far, man.”

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CAB To Give Out FastPasses For Dining Hall Lines
CORCORAN COMMONS — Lengthy lines at campus dining halls have left many Boston College students hungry for quicker service to fill their rumbling tummies. Lines at Lower, Mac, and Stuart this past week were longer than ever as students returned to campus.  Luckily, in their weekly email full of... Read more
Going Baby On Baby? Nursing Student Helps Deliver Twins
LONGWOOD MEDICAL AREA — Anna Dababski (CSON ’22), a junior on clinical rotation with the OB/GYN department of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, played a crucial role last Thursday in aiding a mother through the birth of her first born baby. As it turned out, however, there was another one... Read more
COVID Cases Spike After UGBC Distributes Identical Water Bottles
CONTE FORUM — Following students’ return to campus for the Spring 2021 semester, the Undergraduate Government of Boston College came under fire this week with the recent spike in undergraduate COVID-19 cases becoming increasingly linked to the governing body’s mass distribution of identical water bottles. In what many are... Read more
TRAGIC: Roommate May Have Voted Libertarian

“See?” explained Harris, donning a blue “I’m Still With Her” baseball cap and adjusting a framed “Kennedy/Johnson” poster. “These are real positions, worthwhile opinions. It’s so hard to see out-of-date, ridiculous views like hers making headlines.”

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Student Who Moved Home Just Now Realizing His Parents Got Divorced
WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. — Two full weeks after returning home for the semester, junior  Dan Nulment (CSOM ’22) has just now begun to realize that his parents may have ended their marriage at some point in the past three months.  “When my mom told me that Dad was ‘quarantining... Read more
CSOM Announces New “Pay-For-Grade” Initiative
THE BEAN COUNTER — Small men in suits with shoulders that extend just a little too far for the men to fill out mill about, lounging. Another sect of students is adorned in Vineyard Vines, docksiders, and an array of business casual shorts in all manner of pastels. They... Read more