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Touched By Tragedy: Todd Was Supposed To Be In Barcelona This Weekend
WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEW YORK — Having returned home more than two months early from his semester abroad in Dublin, Todd Lombardi (CSOM ’21) has reportedly been reminding his family he was “supposed to be in Barcelona this weekend.” The sentiment, while heartfelt, seemingly ignores the push notifications on his... Read more
Mom Can’t Believe You Got Kicked From Housing Group, Thought They Were All Very Nice Boys

Kelly went on to describe the situation as “fucked,” a comment which Mrs. Kelly disapproved of as she “did not raise [him] to use that language.”

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LTE: Uh, Why Is Molly In My Zoom Class?
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Campus Ministry Begins Individually Plastic-Wrapping Communion Wafers
McELROY COMMONS — The Office of Campus Ministry announced Tuesday morning that effective immediately all eucharistic wafers will be individually wrapped in saran wrap. The statement was communicated to the Boston College community in an email which also included the phrase “care for the whole person” 17 times. “Due... Read more