The New England Classic
Biology Department Engineers Next Generation Of Orientation Leader
HIGGINS HALL — Speaking at a crowded press conference this afternoon, Boston College biology professor Elizabeth Ryan proudly unveiled the latest generation of Orientation Leader, which she and her team of world-class scientists spent the greater part of the last year genetically engineering. “The 2017 edition is by far... Read more
Harvard Reject In Honors Program Not Bitter About It Anymore, Alright?
MEDEIROS C — Venturing out from her achievement-laden dorm room, freshman Sammy Laude (MCAS ‘20) announced today that she has finally gotten over her rejection from Harvard University. An alumna of an elite New England preparatory school, the Lexington, MA native explained that she had been quietly struggling with feelings... Read more
Roommate From Faraway Land Where No One Fucking Cleans, Apparently
VOUTE 311 — Rummaging through a seemingly endless pile of dirty plates and pans, senior Alberto Parenté concluded that his roommate, who is being kept anonymous for his safety, must be a from a faraway land where no one fucking cleans, apparently. “There is absolutely no way a sane... Read more
Plex Bro Takes Good Look Around Before Set to Make Sure People Are Watching
FLYNN RECREATION COMPLEX — Standing in front of the cable machine while mentally preparing himself for another set of triceps exercises, frequent Plex-goer Rob Schlossman (CSOM ‘19) checked his surroundings to ensure that someone would be watching him work out. Unable to find anyone at first, the sophomore eventually... Read more
ResLife Clerical Error Gives One Lucky Freshman Housing In Meatball Obsession Stand
LOWER CAMPUS — As many Boston College freshmen continue their frantic social scramble to secure housing for next year, one lucky student will be living somewhere a little more unique than the typical sophomore housing options, thanks to a clerical error by an entry-level ResLife employee. Vito Anthony Bertucci,... Read more
“ResChoice” Students Demand More Say In Housing Process
OFFICE OF RESIDENTIAL LIFE — A new protest movement on campus has started to gain noticeable traction this week, as hundreds of students are coming together to express their frustration with the notoriously tedious Boston College room selection process. These student activists, who describe themselves as “ResChoice,” are finally... Read more
Student At Party Reportedly Coming Out Of Cage, Doing Just Fine
VANDERSLICE HALL — Standing in the middle of an eight-person suite filled to maximum capacity, Rebecca Johnson (LSOE ’19) reportedly proclaimed that she is “doing just fine” after “coming out of her cage.” Johnson, who screamed this realization at the top of her lungs, was reportedly met with widespread... Read more
Overeager Sustainable Living Students Recycle Tissues During Peak Cold Season
VANDERSLICE HALL — As the residential population of Boston College enters the final stretch of cold season, there are many visible signs of a campus’ winter-long struggle with sniffs and sneezes. Dining hall soup reserves are at an all time low, and half-empty Nyquil bottles sit in every medicine... Read more
Professor Spent Snow Day Worrying About Students Fucking
CHESTNUT HILL, MA — Driven by the thought of all the opportunities kids were having to copulate, Professor Harry Bonin spent most of his day off on Tuesday in a state of complete distraction. The elderly philosophy professor, who has long taken a firm stance against college hookup cultures,... Read more
Social Degenerate Sits Down 2 Seats Away From Strangers In The Rat
LYONS HALL — Mass hysteria broke out in The Rat last Thursday afternoon when Reggie Euler (MCAS ‘20) paid for his meal, grabbed a few napkins, and proceeded to sit down at the empty corner of an otherwise occupied table. Apparently oblivious to clearly established social norms, Euler then... Read more