The New England Classic
Well-Intentioned Douchebag Kinda Wishes He Went On Appa Instead Of Drinking For 7 Days
RUBENSTEIN HALL — Returning to campus Sunday afternoon, senior Joe McCaffery reflected on his week-long spring break vacation to Punta Cana. His vacation included drinking by the pool, lounging on the beach while drinking, and staring into his drink after losing money at the casino. Though he “straight up... Read more
Student Tour Guide Also Walks Backwards To Class
GASSON QUAD — A number of Boston College students reported feelings of bewilderment Monday morning  when Student Admission Program tour guide Devon Lin (MCAS ‘19) was seen walking backwards to class. “It was crazy,” said eyewitness sophomore Stewart Dent. “He traversed the entire campus without even looking behind him.... Read more
Candidate For Sainthood? Student Asks “What Floor?” In Elevator
90 ST. THOMAS MORE ROAD — Known for her involvement in community service clubs such as 4Boston and Pulse, sophomore Ashini Anand has established a charitable reputation around campus. This past Friday, she elevated her behavior to near-sainthood when she asked classmate Valentina D’Agostino (MCAS ‘21) “What floor?” upon... Read more
Student That Took Perspectives, Went On Appa, Arrupe, And Kairos, Then Studied Abroad Has Changed So Much They Exist In The Fourth Dimension Without A Physical Form
IGNACIO HALL — As students across campus are returning from their spring break service trips and preparing to re-enter the daily grind of college life, one senior is notably missing from his dorm. Jesús Christopher (MCAS ’18) was supposed to have returned Saturday from a trip to Whitesburgh, West... Read more
23 Students Mistakenly Sent On ABBA Service Trip
STOCKHOLM, Sweden – As a result of clerical errors on the part of Campus Ministry, 23 students were accidentally enrolled in the Scandinavian ABBA Service Program. The members of Group 11, who had planned on departing for Whitesville, West Virginia as part of their Appalachia Volunteers service trip, were reportedly... Read more
Spooky! Student Refuses To Buy Into Jesuit Traditions, Has No Reflection
WILLIAMS HALL — Thursday morning, sophomore Eric Johnson made a shocking discovery after he walked into the bathroom of his College Road quad. “I was just going about my usual morning routine—smashing the snooze button on my alarm clock until my roommate throws a pillow at me, and then... Read more
Student Happy To Be Reunited With Constant Anxiety After Relaxing Winter Break
STAYER HALL — Having spent the past three weeks in a relatively calm state of mind, junior Matthew Angstrom (MCAS ‘18) reported that he was happy to finally reunite with his constant anxiety this week. While admitting that he enjoyed having some time apart from his existential dread during... Read more
Freshman Gets Stuck in Labyrinth Behind Bapst
LINDEN LANE — Wandering through campus on a hot afternoon late last week, adventurous freshman Bobby McGallian (CSOM ‘20) found himself lost in the Memorial Labyrinth behind Bapst Library. Overwhelmed by the first week of college and the demands of his core classes, McGallian was looking to blow off... Read more
Noble Students Embarking On Personal Service Trips Over Spring Break
LOGAN AIRPORT — With adulthood looming just around the corner, many of Boston College’s seniors plan to spend their Spring Breaks on “personal service trips” to Punta Cana. Sources confirm that seniors embark on these weeklong trips as a last-ditch effort to adhere to the traditional college experience. These... Read more
4Newton Founded To Help Affluent Locals In Need

“I’ve needed someone to cut my grass ever since my gardeners from El Salvador left to go visit their families after they were devastated by gang violence. Thanks, Obama!”

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