The New England Classic
Boston College Promises To Provide Students Sanctuary From Snow, No Word Yet About White Nationalist US Administration
MALONEY PRESIDENTIAL SUITE — Taking advantage of yesterday’s snow day for some much-needed personal time, University President Rev. William P. Leahy, S.J., sat down with several members of the press to affirm Boston College’s commitment to keeping its students safe from the weather, but not the white nationalists passing... Read more
Plex Employee With Spotify Premium To Headline Hutapalooza
NEWTON, MA — The Boston College Campus Activities Board announced Friday morning that the headliner for this year’s Hutapalooza, a new concert held at the Quonset Hut on Newton Campus, will be a Plex Employee with Spotify Premium. This up-and-coming yet secretive DJ is a cult hit in certain... Read more
OPINION: Oops! I “Leaned In” Too Far And Fucked My Professor
Women have come a long way in the workplace since the days of Rosie the Riveter. Pioneers like Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and her feminist manifesto Lean In, which I read the first chapter of over winter break, urge women to “lean in” at the physical and figurative table... Read more
Lady Win! This Finance Major Is Slated To Be Her Own Sugar Daddy
FULTON HALL — Sabrina Connors (CSOM ’17) accepted a full-time offer from JP Morgan Chase at the Career Fair this past Wednesday. This is an incredible feat for Connors and an amazing example for all aspiring BC businesswomen to follow – almost as incredible as her underlying feminist victory: she... Read more
OPINION: I’m A Feminist, But Don’t Think I Won’t Cry To Get What I Want
Hey, don’t get me wrong—I totally think women should be equal to men. And that seventy-something cents to the dollar pay gap is total bull! Women’s rights are human rights, plain and simple. But just because I think that women and men should make the same amount of money... Read more
OPINION: I Thought I Was His Date, But It Turns Out I Was Only His Homework Assignment
So there I was, sitting with Greg at The Chocolate Bar. We were talking and sipping cappuccinos, having a genuine, thoughtful conversation about our hometowns, families, and uncertainties about settling in on a major. I learned that he grew up in Akron, Ohio, has four younger siblings, and he... Read more
Career Fair Rigged Against Humanities Major
CORCORAN COMMONS — After circling the bustling Heights Room during the Spring Career Fair several times, sophomore English major Hannah Ping came to the realization that the Fair had been deliberately and purposefully planned to not help her internship search at all. “This is ridiculous!” cried Ping, who is currently... Read more
Student Happy To Be Reunited With Constant Anxiety After Relaxing Winter Break
STAYER HALL — Having spent the past three weeks in a relatively calm state of mind, junior Matthew Angstrom (MCAS ‘18) reported that he was happy to finally reunite with his constant anxiety this week. While admitting that he enjoyed having some time apart from his existential dread during... Read more
Overinvolved Sophomore Finally Busy Enough To Forget Crippling Loneliness

“Now I’m only sad right before I go to bed, and that’s only if I’m not too exhausted to fall asleep before I have time to reflect on how unhappy I am!”

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BC Places 1% of Freshmen on Georgia State’s Newton Campus
NEWTON CAMPUS — It’s early August, and that means that first year housing assignments are now live! For the many freshmen who have been placed on Upper campus, this is a time for celebration—a computer system has randomly decided to make you cool. No, seriously, it’s as simple as... Read more