The New England Classic
OPINION: Senior Five Lists Are A Shallow And Immature Concept, And Why The FUCK Am I Not On One Yet?
Before I begin, let me be clear about one thing: I have NO problem with the concept of premarital sex. In fact, I myself would LOVE to partake in it someday. But making a list of the top five people you want to have sexual relations with before graduation and... Read more
OPINION: I’m Running The Marathon And I’m Not Afraid To Admit It
You may have heard some of the rumors that have been floating around these past few months. Well, allow me to set the record straight: I’m running the Boston Marathon this year, and I’m not afraid to admit it. There, I said it. I know you must be shocked,... Read more
OPINION: Oops! I “Leaned In” Too Far And Fucked My Professor
Women have come a long way in the workplace since the days of Rosie the Riveter. Pioneers like Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and her feminist manifesto Lean In, which I read the first chapter of over winter break, urge women to “lean in” at the physical and figurative table... Read more
OPINION: I Thought I Was His Date, But It Turns Out I Was Only His Homework Assignment
So there I was, sitting with Greg at The Chocolate Bar. We were talking and sipping cappuccinos, having a genuine, thoughtful conversation about our hometowns, families, and uncertainties about settling in on a major. I learned that he grew up in Akron, Ohio, has four younger siblings, and he... Read more