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Alumni Parents Keep Hinting At Where They Used To Fuck
BUSTNUT HILL — Freshman Jake O’Flannery (CSOM ‘21) was treated to a very special tour of Boston College this Parent’s Weekend when his mother, Erin O’Flannery (A&S ‘86), and father, Marcus O’Flannery (CSOM ‘86), brought him along to revisit all the places on the Heights where the couple used to... Read more
What To Do When Your Parents Sexile You On Parents’ Weekend
CHESTNUT HILL, MA — Parents’ Weekend can be a very stressful time for both students and their parents. You may find that it’s hard to readjust to your parents after being away from home for so long. Your parents will probably find it’s difficult to not just rip off... Read more
5 DILFs You’ll Meet During Parents’ Weekend
Parents’ Weekend is a special time of year. The football game gets everyone’s spirits up, the weather is still nice and temperate, and seeing family is always something special. But let’s not forget what it’s really all about: ass. Hot Dad Ass. Sorry Mom, can’t talk right now, I... Read more