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Freshman Perspectives Class Rescued From Plato’s Cave
CHESTNUT HILL — Late Thursday evening, Boston College officials announced that members of Professor Stephen Brown’s Perspectives class were finally rescued from Plato’s Cave, where they had been trapped since the middle of fall semester. The then-freshmen became stuck in the cave in early November 2017, when the class began... Read more
Freshman Beginning To Suspect Orientation Leader Doesn’t Actually Want To Be Friends
STOKES SOUTH — Freshman Anna Blumberg realized that her orientation leader, Aaron Parsons (MCAS ‘19), may not actually want to be friends after Parsons showed up more than twenty minutes late for their coffee date Thursday. “I’m so glad my OL finally found time to meet up with me,” said Blumberg... Read more
Embarrassing: This Freshman Said “Have A Good Day Professor” To His Mom
CLAVER HALL — In a recent phone call home, freshman Dave McDoug (LSOE ‘21) reportedly bid farewell to his mother by saying “Have a good day, professor.” “God, I’m so embarrassed!” McDoug said in an interview. “I accidentally referred to the woman whose womb I once called home as... Read more
BC Places 1% of Freshmen on Georgia State’s Newton Campus
NEWTON CAMPUS — It’s early August, and that means that first year housing assignments are now live! For the many freshmen who have been placed on Upper campus, this is a time for celebration—a computer system has randomly decided to make you cool. No, seriously, it’s as simple as... Read more
BC Orientation Takes New, More Realistic Approach

“We’ve redesigned Orientation to prepare students for the numerous disappointments that they inevitably will be forced to deal with by the end of their first semester.”

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Overeager Pre-Med Student Uses Ambulance Transport as Valuable Healthcare Networking Opportunity
Pre-Med Freshman Calvin O’Malley, both working hard and partying harder, enhanced his resume this weekend with a stimulating research opportunity in the back of a Fallon Ambulance located outside the Keyes North Basement. As he was covered with the white thermal sheet, visions of the white coat which will... Read more