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Newton Student Misses Carpool

Newton Student Misses Carpool

Campus CultureFreshmenNewton February 11, 2021 The New England Classic

"'So sad. I simply could not imagine being dropped off for college by a yellow school bus. It’s just so embarrassing,' said John Fitzgerald... Newton Student Misses Carpool

STUART BUS STOP — Ira Sponsible (CSOM ‘24) was spotted in distress and panting heavily in front of the Stuart bus stop Thursday morning, as the freshman was late to, and ultimately missed, his carpool from Newton to main campus. Many students have resorted to forming their own carpools due to the long wait times and ridiculous route the Newton buses take, as well as the overall shame of riding a yellow school bus to college everyday.

The carpools were formed by concerned stay-at-home helicopter moms who just can’t seem to let their kids go. As the freshman reached the bus stop, a black Cadillac Escalade with a BC High sticker on the back windshield was seen screeching out of the parking lot. 

Students who witnessed Sponsible’s abandonment looked on in astonishment.

“My carpool mom would never!,” said Nate Germain (LSOE ‘24). “Well, she actually tried to leave without me last week, but I told her if she pulled that garbage one more time, I would never let her daughter hit my dab pen again, so that took care of that.”

Other carpool freshmen seemed to share a similar sentiment. “So sad. I simply could not imagine being dropped off for college by a yellow school bus. It’s just so embarrassing,” said John Fitzgerald (CSON ‘24), who was later seen struggling to open the sliding door of his mom’s minivan. 

The Classic reached out to Sponsible, who issued the following statement: “If Mrs. Poole thinks she can leave me behind and force me to take a school bus again, she’s got something else coming. My mom is going to give her an earful later tonight!”

Sponsible was reportedly inconsolable after Monday’s events, and was seen furiously texting floormate Carlos Poole (MCAS ‘24) to have his mom come back and “Pick [him] up NOW!”.

At press time, a different van of carpool kids were seen enjoying orange slices and Capri Suns and yelling at the carpool mom to give them the Aux cord because the Wham! Station on Sirius XM was “too embarrassing.”