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OP-ED: A Perfectly Normal Tuesday

OP-ED: A Perfectly Normal Tuesday

Campus CultureFeaturedOpinion November 3, 2020 The New England Classic

Well, I can’t seem to explain it really — compared to the commotion of most others days so far, today’s shaping up to be... OP-ED: A Perfectly Normal Tuesday

Well, I can’t seem to explain it really — compared to the commotion of most others days so far, today’s shaping up to be about as perfectly ordinary as it gets.

Perhaps I should elaborate. My alarm went off at seven, as it usually does. I snoozed it just once, as I usually do. And as is my habit, I caught it right before it went off again, just as the screen started to change. I like that feeling a lot. 

Glancing at my phone the second time, I read the date on my home screen: November 3rd. November 3rd? I asked myself. Why, I guess that’s just so. It’s really a quaint date, for sure. Nestled gently between the last dregs of sunshine that filter through October and the cozy, frantic cheeriness of the holiday season, November 3rd feels like a reprieve; a moment of peace between midterms and midwinter. The only strange thing is, I had a tickle that something should be happening today. A few seconds passed while I tried to remember if I was forgetting some big event. But of course, I wasn’t.

It’s just November 3rd, after all.

My Tuesday routine started off just as plain: I showered, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and put on a pair of slacks. I then put on other clothes, too, because of how cold it’s gotten. Not to say it was atypically cold out, though — just as brisk as I’d expect, really. 

The only in-person class I have on Tuesdays is in the afternoon, but I still went to the library after breakfast to get some work done. “Get some work done” — I say that all the time now, and most of the time I really do mean it. Like the majority of my weekdays, however, the plan didn’t really stick together. 

As anyone could’ve predicted, I found a desk, did a good 35 minutes of work, took a so-called “study break,” and ended up just flipping between apps that I’d downloaded on my cell phone. Nothing really caught my eye, though. It was all just the same old, same old: costume pics, pumpkin posts, foodtography, the Family Guy, etc. etc.

Later, on the way to class, I couldn’t help but notice somewhat of a lack of signage on campus. It was kind of funny, actually: I felt as if I was missing some big announcement again. I was all like, there’s gotta be something going on, right? I knew there wasn’t, though. Why would there be? 

Where I come from, we always say: November 3rd? More like plain vanilla. Always one of my favorite days to just, well, “be,” I guess. Sometimes I think we don’t do enough of that these days, as wrapped up as we are with Instagram and Yahoo Finance and the Food Network. Perhaps we need more days like November 3rd — the Easiest Day of the Year.