The New England Classic
Wait, Did I Miss Stokes Set?

Wait, Did I Miss Stokes Set?

Campus Culture December 4, 2020 The New England Classic

"I heard it was going to be Becky G!!" Wait, Did I Miss Stokes Set?

STOKES QUAD — During today’s daily meandering, I found myself prancing down the cinderblock path, only to do a triple-take at Stokes Quad. Something seemed wrong but I could quite put my phalanges on it. A pile of Molly’s poop was there–  normal. The majestic shadow of magnificent Carney Hall speckled the grass– normal. The noise from the construction on the Nerd Building was present (normal) and those weird benches in the corner were empty (normal). As I squinted, it came to me. This was the first time I had been on Stokes Quad all semester.

WAIT! Did I miss Stokes Set? I should have been here before, specifically on a damp Saturday in September. I should have been taking pictures under CABs twinkle-light decorations and dancing to whatever one-hit wonder they were able to snag this year. I heard it was going to be Becky G!! Dammit!!

What HAPPENED? This is totally a NORMAL school year. Fine, I’ll admit it, I delete the CAB emails without reading them, but you fucks should have told me when Stokes Set was happening! Stokes Set is literally the only reason I’m still at BC. I literally failed my theology core last semester so I could come back for another year JUST to sweat it out on Stokes Quad with a Gatorade bottle of Rubi and then finish my night by choking down a Mac Attack afterward. 

No FUCKING way that I missed it. I simply refuse to believe it. This year calls for TWO Stokes Sets. Meet me on Stokes Quad this Saturday night. I’ll be playing music off my Chromebook and beats pill. My roommate is gonna bring his purple tube lights. The vibes will be there. SHOW UP AND GIVE THIS SUPER SENIOR THE STOKES SET SHE DESERVES.