The New England Classic
Classmate Clearly Zooming In From Florida This Week
MIAMI — In an effort to reduce the transmission of Covid-19, Boston College limited spring break to just one day this semester. While the University had hoped that this measure would prevent students from exposing themselves to the deadly virus while traveling, it appeared that one third-year accounting student... Read more
Students Gear Up To Do Exact Same Thing With Exact Same People In Different Country
NOT BOSTON COLLEGE — While hustling and bustling around campus and cramming in last-minute studying for midterms, hundreds of Boston College students collectively expressed their excitement to spend their impending spring break doing the exact same things with the exact same people, but in a different country. Students have... Read more
Noble Students Embarking On Personal Service Trips Over Spring Break
LOGAN AIRPORT — With adulthood looming just around the corner, many of Boston College’s seniors plan to spend their Spring Breaks on “personal service trips” to Punta Cana. Sources confirm that seniors embark on these weeklong trips as a last-ditch effort to adhere to the traditional college experience. These... Read more