The New England Classic
Neiiighhh! (Written by a Horse)
The following article was translated with assistance from the Boston College Libraries. Hell yeah, dude. Another day as a horse. I thought today I’d just do my normal routine (wake up, eat hay, clop), but the kind people at The New England Classic reached out and asked if I’d... Read more
10 Things I’d Rather Do Than Be At The Boston Logan International Airport
Live on CoRo all four years. I’d rather make the commute from exile every damn day than have to walk the marathon from the parking garage to the check-in desk even once.  Talk to Molly’s owner for longer than .2 seconds. I’d give that man my instagram handle- hell,... Read more
Creators of Club Club Lacrosse Announce Model Model UN
VANDERSLICE HALL — After months of speculation, the group of BC juniors responsible for the Club Club Lacrosse team announced Monday the formation of “Model Model UN”. The founders hope that just like Club Club Lacrosse, Model Model UN will be a great outlet for kids whose identity was... Read more
Uh Oh: This Textbook Was Previously Owned By An Idiot

“At this point, I just hope the shit-for-brains responsible gets the help that they so clearly need.” 

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Five Things To Talk About Now That The Election Is Over, And They’re All The Rat Line
1) The Rat Line I mean, Jesus Christ. The Rat used to MEAN SOMETHING, for pete’s sake. Remind your friends and loved ones how miserable a metaphor the Rat has become for our whole new way of life. The Rat is, as it has always been, the center of... Read more
Market Watch: Why Now Is The Right Time To Abandon The Stock Market And Go All In On Puff Bar Reselling
Every year, thousands of freshmen from far and wide flock to the Heights, bringing with them their most essential possessions. They stuff their cars with family photos, shower shoes, mini-fridges, and a really sick Odd Future poster in preparation for their new life in Chestnut Hill. However, there is... Read more
NFL Football Fans Sport Cute Little Costumes
WALSH HALL — With the fall semester underway at Boston College and no social events for the foreseeable future, Eagles on campus remain anxious about what the upcoming months will look like. Despite so much uncertainty, some hope was restored among much of the student body earlier this month... Read more
Freshman Wondering When It Is Safe To Cross Comm Ave
For more gut-wrenching content, check out the email sent by Father Leahy around five on March 11, 2020. Read more
Student Services: “Pee After Registration Or You’ll Get A UIS”
For more tips and tricks, read our print issue this December. Read more