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Thursday’s Globalization Lecture Canceled After Old Tweets Resurface
MCGUINN HALL — Professor Rachel Godwin’s Thursday afternoon Globalization I lecture was canceled early Wednesday morning after damning tweets resurfaced that called into question the professor’s credibility as an authority on historical information. Posted late in August of 2017, the tweets themselves were a diatribe on the necessity of... Read more
OPINION: If My Roommate Doesn’t Stop Coughing I’m Going To Drop Out Of School

Sneeze in my mouth. I’d love that. But I absolutely cannot stand to hear my direct roommate smother her satanic coughs into her pillow anymore. I’m afraid she’s going to hack up one of her lungs in the middle of the night. 

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Campus VSCO Girls Successfully Unionize
O’NEILL PLAZA — Seeking a unified representative body and the right to collectively bargain with outside parties, Boston College’s VSCO community announced on Tuesday the successful filing and formation of a union under University oversight. Citing multiple cases of intellectual theft by a number of anonymous Boston College students,... Read more
Senior “Fall Breakers” Outdo Your Fall Break Plans
PUNTA CANA — Matt Jones (CSOM ’20) and Sam Sullivan (CSOM ’20) broke out of the hiking and home visiting Fall Break norm this weekend and truly took advantage of their two full days off. The two flew down to Punta Cana this weekend to “relax on the beach... Read more
REPORT: Sarah Went Apple Picking
Look for our print issue in December for more takes hot off the panini press. Read more
“Woah, It’s Windy,” Reports Entire Student Body
O’NEILL QUAD — Cries of “WoOOoOaaAAAaahh wiiIInnnNdDDyyYy!!” were heard all across campus today, after the head weatherman confirmed the suspicions of BC’s budding meteorologists: today was a windy day. Wendy Dei (CSOM ’22) was one of the first students to notice this gusty phenomenon. She gave Classic reporters her... Read more
Freshman ELP Member Shocked To Learn She Might Actually Have To Make Other Friends
MCELROY COMMONS — On Friday afternoon, Maddie Wilson (MCAS ’23) forced to come to terms that the Emerging Leader Program (ELP) might not have provided her with the friendships she hoped it would. After spending two full hours waiting for someone to respond to the lunch invite she sent... Read more
Total Plug: Dad Gives Sophomore Sip Of Beer During Game
ALUMNI FIELD — Underage sophomore Harry “Heavyweight” Holmes had his entire weekend made when his cool father agreed to share a sip of his beer with him at the game on Saturday.  After tailgating in the Robsham parking lot, where eyewitnesses claim they saw Heavyweight sneaking some drinks behind... Read more
BREAKING: Addazio’s Parents Have Other Son’s Parents’ Weekend, Will Miss Wake Forest Game
THE ADDAZIO RESIDENCE — Boston College head football coach Steve Addazio’s parents, Guy and Jude Addazio, will miss the team’s Parents’ Weekend matchup against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons this Saturday, as the couple reportedly informed their son they will once again have to miss Boston College’s Parents’ Weekend... Read more
Feminism Win: This Woman Slept With Her Professor To Get A Better Grade, But Didn’t Let Him Finish
STOKES HALL 324S — Late Monday evening, young feminist Natasha Meyer (CSOM ’21) delivered a major blow to the patriarchy by sleeping with her professor to receive a better grade on an exam — without letting him finish.  After receiving a failing midterm grade, Meyer wasted no time in... Read more