The New England Classic
Uh Oh! Someone Just Mentioned Taylor Swift Around A 5’5” Man Who Loves Football
WHOVILLE — As Superbowl parties and parlays caked the American landscape this past Sunday, many fans of the game flocked to their television screens to view the biggest American sporting event of the year. Some of America’s biggest superstars, like Taylor Swift, Ice Spice, and Lady Gaga, were able... Read more
LTE: I Don’t Think I Can Dance For 100 Days

“It has recently come to my attention that I, a humble Boston College senior, must begin a journey of a lifetime come nightfall. I unwittingly have signed myself up to dance for 100 days.”

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Uh-oh! My Guy Best Friend Says I Know His Crush “Really Well”

“After the dinner, Ian sent Olivia his daily ‘Goodnight Liv <3' message, and Olivia responded with her daily 'Night bud!'"

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10 Surefire Ways To Secure Beanpot Tickets

However, the Classic has come across an exclusive list of the tasks required for students to get their grubby little mitts on some highly-coveted tickets to the big game.

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Chocolate Bar Introduces Screens To Entertain Impatient iPad Kids

At press time, drooling students were seen gathering in a concert-sized crowd as the lead student completed an extremely difficult level of Geometry Dash — with a hydraulic press video in the background.

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“We Are So Back” Says Girl No One Even Noticed Was Abroad

‘“It’s really great being back. I thought it would be weird since I’ve matured far past my Americanized peers in the past four months, but it really feels like I’ve never left!”’

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“Let’s Get Dinner!” Says Mutual Who’s Low on Meal Plan Money and Wants to Rob You

According to Tumm, events worsened as they entered the dining hall. He recounted Buhr’s stacked plate of double chicken paired with two sides of fries, as well as a hefty amount of Core Powers. Buhr claimed it’s “bulking season.” Tumm felt baffled when they reached the register.

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“We’re Just Like Taylor And Travis” Says Acapella Lead And Her Club Golf Boyfriend

“’Karma is the guy on the Green, golfing straight home to me.’” 

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BREAKING: Part Two of THE PATH Revealed

Sure, you might have seen the first page of #THEPATH, which includes things like the Eagles having to win out the league and Virginia having to beat Louisville in the games this weekend, but little did readers know that there was an entire second side of #THEPATH.

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“I’m a Microcelebrity,” Says Girl Who Broods In Her Room 25/8

“’I’m a microcelebrity, so I have to protect my peace around here!’ exclaimed the ‘Queen of Roncastle,’ a self-proclaimed title.”

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