The New England Classic
WOAH! Boy Legs!
THAT FIELD ON THE PLEX GRAVEYARD — The student body of Boston College has been positively feral recently. With relatively warm temperatures, sunny blue skies, and seemingly unlimited access to lawn games, everyone has been taking advantage of the changing of the seasons. The peak of this excitement occurred... Read more
MUN Roommate Needs You To Be Quiet So That They Can Launch A Missile

“I was the one who got to announce that the projectiles had entered foreign airspace, so I really just needed the dorm quiet for a hot minute.”

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Senior Falls Asleep In Hammock, Awakens As Butterfly

“I’ve got to say, this is certainly not the start to the week I thought I was going to have.”

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LTE: I Paid For This Mulch So I Am Taking Some Just For Me

When the mounds of mulch arrive on campus, I know it from a mile away. And I take some. In my hand, to my house. Just for me.

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Kid Uses Word “Naïveté” In Paper, Still Gets a B
CAMPION HALL — The normally mundane process of handing back graded papers in an upper-level philosophy class took a dramatic turn on Thursday when Alex Eacon (MCAS ’22) received his third consecutive B on a paper — in spite of the fact that he had incorporated the word “naïveté”... Read more
Dr. Douglas Comeau Can’t Get Enough Of My Sweet, Sweet Nostrils (I Got Called Twice This Week)
CONNELL RECREATION CENTER — Sunday at midnight. That glorious, soaking wet time when a large portion of Boston College students get their highly-anticipated weekly COVID test email. This week went by like any other: I logged onto Zoom for “class”, spread my usual pathogens, and spent at least an... Read more
Hahaha: Kid Puts “Sit Here” Sticker On Face

The stickers, typically used to indicate a safe place to sit to ensure social distancing, can be found in nearly every classroom on campus. But Meyer was the first person to think of sticking one on his face.

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CAB To Host Scholastic Book Fair
MIDDLE CAMPUS — Students were elated upon hearing that the insanely well-funded Campus Activities Board will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair on Stokes Lawn later this month. Though the event is still weeks away, boxes upon boxes of the latest Guinness Book of World Records and copies of... Read more
The Sun Puts University Counseling Services Out Of Business

“I’ll be honest, when we looked at the forecast for the next two weeks, we knew we were fucked,” said UCS chairperson Dr. Sigmund Noid. “High temperatures, blue skies, and Danny brought spikeball? It’s a psychiatrist’s nightmare!”

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Are We In Love Or Did You Just Hold Every Door For Me Between O’Neill 3 And The Plex?

It was just like any other Thursday morning when I saw you. Dr. Douglas Comeau had summoned the both of us down to see if we had the 2019-novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in our system. But why us? Why now?

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