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Girl Who Donates Plasma Calls OnlyFans A “Disgrace”

Girl Who Donates Plasma Calls OnlyFans A “Disgrace”

Student Life March 26, 2023 The New England Classic

While it’s not TikTok or buying clothes made in sweatshops and selling them for a normal price, one girl, Doe Nerr (CSON ‘23), has... Girl Who Donates Plasma Calls OnlyFans A “Disgrace”

MIDST OF A RECESSION — As the traditional “9-5” job becomes more and more like a death sentence, Gen Z and millennials are turning away from the one way ticket to depression and balding and instead opting for new ways to generate an income. From reselling thrift store finds on Depop for quadruple the price to making videos on TikTok and burning through their trust funds, people are finding tons of new ways to make a living! 

However, some of these new “jobs” have many people questioning just how much these people are making, how they’re supporting themselves in this ever-increasing expensive world, and what exactly their job entails. For people who record their entire lives on TikTok, many wonder how much the creator fund even pays. What do you mean you’re living in a studio apartment on the Upper East Side with an income from doing a “get ready with me” video every morning?

While it’s not TikTok or buying clothes made in sweatshops and selling them for a normal price, one girl, Doe Nerr (CSON ‘23), has found quite an interesting way to pay for rent and support herself — one that would for sure put her grandparents in a coma if they found out. “I sell my plasma,” Nerr told The Classic, “Two days a week I go into the clinic and let a nurse suck me of some weird yellow liquid I don’t really think I need. $300 a week!”

“Streams of income,” as Nerr prefers to say over “job,”  like this make the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle that many office job workers experience look like a breeze. On Mondays and Thursdays, Nerr goes into a clinic in Boston to donate her plasma, and receives a check in the mail about 5 business days later. Commenting on her day-to-day life, Nerr said, “I like these days so much better Tuesdays and Fridays, when I have to take the T to Mass Gen Hospital to drop off bags of my poop. It takes about two weeks for the cash from donating my poop to hit my bank account.”

Aside from plasma and poop, Nerr has also sold her belly button lint and dirty socks to willing buyers on Craigslist, and even once charged a Tinder hookup $15 to snap a few pictures of her feet.

Despite her own ways of making money and dodging a “normal” job, Nerr is fairly judgmental of how others are using their … personal resources … to get themselves by. “I know Only Fans is like a popular thing these days. I just can’t get behind someone selling their body like that. It seems kind of sad that someone has to resort to something so disgraceful,” Nerr to The Classic. After our line of questioning regarding this online platform, which has proved to be extremely lucrative for many, Nerr went on a tangent about “dehumanization” and “why can’t people just have more self-respect.”

At press time, Nerr was seen asking the nurse at the plasma clinic if they would take some of her hair for extra cash. $100 for strands on her head, $50 for her leg or toe hairs.