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Snapchat Story Totally Has State School Friends Fooled

Snapchat Story Totally Has State School Friends Fooled

Old Articles December 11, 2016 The New England Classic

“These snaps are exactly what I needed to prove Brent and Chad wrong!” Snapchat Story Totally Has State School Friends Fooled

GONZAGA HALL Looking back through his Snapchat story from the night before, Jack Henderson (CSOM ’20) knew he had totally nailed it. The scenes he had successfully captured from his evening were so sick and absolutely absurd. “It’s exactly what I needed to prove Brent and Chad wrong,” explained the former co-captain of the Fairfield Prep varsity lacrosse team.

The source of Henderson’s feelings of inadequacy can be traced back to his Thanksgiving break, during which many of his friends verbally roasted him for attending an “uptight private school” where the students “barely even drink.” Brent Murphy (Penn State ’20, Beta Theta Pi) and Chad Jackson (UConn ’20, Sigma Alpha Mu) couldn’t stop talking about their “legendary” pledging stories and the insane house parties they had been to. They assured Henderson that Boston College probably couldn’t even handle frats anyways. “Oh no, they would be sick,” chided Murphy, “everyone could have one beer and all the parties would be ‘Bring Your Own Rosary.’”  Henderson knew that when he got back to campus he would have to prove to them that the BC party scene was just as crazy as those of other schools.

At around 6:30pm on Saturday night, Henderson got the evening started off on the right foot with his first post. “We readyyyyyy” read the caption for a picture of a handle of Rubinoff and a whole 30-rack of beers all stacked on his desk. None of his hometown friends needed to know that these were in fact the same beers that he had picked up from a senior in Ignacio Hall, stuffed in his backpack so he could sneak them into his room, and hid in his laundry basket, in case of random room checks. But in the picture, the beers looked remarkably “sick” placed on top of his First Year Writing essay.

Later that night, Henderson posted again, this time from a crowded pregame with some colored lights flashing in the background as people bumped into him left and right. To your average Snapchat viewer, this scene looked like absolute madness. He took pleasure in thinking about how Brent and Chad would have no idea that this scene was in fact just 10 people crammed into a forced triple on the second floor of Fitzpatrick Hall, and that the room literally couldn’t fit any more people. They didn’t have to know that—in fact, no one had to know.

By 9:45pm, Henderson had successfully migrated from Upper to Lower campus and into a party in Walsh Hall, after receiving a gracious invitation from a fellow Fairfield Prep grad. Loading up the ghost-themed photo app yet again, he would add to his story a video of an insane amount of red solo cups, bumping music and rambunctious people jumping up and down on couches and banging on the ceiling. The party was crazy! And the story posted just in time, because ten minutes later all 50 of those people walked single file out of the room as the RAs ordered that everyone leave and all alcohol be brought to the center of the room where it could be documented.

The final snap of the night was posted at around 12:15am, and was a picture of his roommate face-down in an order of Mac-attack with the clever caption, “Kid can’t hang.” Afterwards, Henderson was forced to immediately spring into action, carrying his roommate back up the Upper stairs fast enough so that no dining staff  or would-be good samaritans would see and call BCPD.

Waking up on Sunday morning with a massive hangover, Henderson celebrated the sweet spoils of snap-victory. His story looked undeniably sick, and he knew that Brent and Chad would have to respect him. Besides, the stories they had posted of keg stands, beer funnels, and a naked lap around the frat house were clearly posed, Henderson thought to himself. “No way they could get away with all that and not get written up.”