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Boston College Dummies’ Guide: Understanding Greek Life Terms

Boston College Dummies’ Guide: Understanding Greek Life Terms

Student Life January 4, 2015 The New England Classic

Winter break is a wonderful time for college students everywhere to meet up with old friends from back home. While you and your high... Boston College Dummies’ Guide: Understanding Greek Life Terms

Winter break is a wonderful time for college students everywhere to meet up with old friends from back home. While you and your high school pals are catching up and sharing crazy stories over some ice-cold, refreshing bottles of Bud Light Platinum™, you might feel confused and alienated when they discuss Greek life and parties at their non-Jesuit schools. Luckily, the party experts at The New England Classic have assembled a guide for you to better understand Greek life’s idiosyncrasies.


Your friends at large state schools have houses associated with different fraternities or sororities in which they often host parties. To get a mental image of this, first picture your favorite Mod. Now imagine this Mod quadrupled in size, with multiple rooms, operational toilets, and refrigerators filled with delicious Bud Light Platinum™. This is a house. If you’re in the fraternity or sorority, you get to hang out in the house with all your brothers and sisters. At least we think that’s how it works. We’re not too sure, but we’ve seen a few movies with frats in them. So just trust our judgement here.


Boston College students tend to associate rushing with Andre Williams and Tyler Murphy, but there’s actually more to rushing than just football (whatever that is). In Greek life, rushing refers to the process of selecting the fraternity or sorority that you’ll join. If they like you, you get a bid. It’s a lot like trying to join clubs at BC, except instead of applying to do community service, or being told you need to start your own acapella group (we’re looking at you Bostonians), you just need to impress them by pounding down 40 ice-cold, refreshing Bud Light Platinumsand hope that they let you in. (Disclaimer: Please enjoy ice-cold, refreshing Bud Light Platinumresponsibly.)


Some of your friends might brag about their frats or sorors (?) partying so hard that they got on probation or, worse, kicked off campus. Consider impressing them by bringing up many of the fucked up things that the Catholic Church has done in its 2000-year history. Favorites include: trying to conquer the Holy Land, German priests and their “special bonding” with altar boys, and not allowing women roles of power, ever. You’ll totally show them who the real badasses are.

“All Night Long”

For Boston College students “we partied all night long” tends to really mean “we drank until 1 am, got chicken fingers from late night, had sex with the lights off  in the missionary position, then fell asleep at 2:15.” However, for schools with Greek life, partying “all night long” literally means staying up all night partying. The closest thing we can compare it to is staying up all night in Bapst during finals week when you have one final to go, but it just happens to be Orgo. So if you’re looking to feel the true Greek life experience, swap that coffee for an ice-cold, refreshing bottle of Bud Light Platinum™.


Pregaming refers to drinking in a smaller group before a party. We all know that. However, we’d bet a 6 pack of Bud Light Platinumthat pregames are quite a bit different at schools with decent party scenes. Imagine a dorm party at BC that has reached full capacity and maximum potential for fun. That is the equivalent of a pregame at any other school with Greek life.


Confused when your friends talk about having this so called sex with other people?  What the heck is that! Check out this Wikipedia article for more information:

This article was brought to you by our friends over at Budweiser, especially their cold, refreshing, and “totally high-quality” Bud Light Platinum.